How to Use Reed Diffuser with Sticks

read diffusersOne of the easy ways that you can ensure that your personal space or room is constantly scented is through the use of reed diffusers. When you use it, you will ensure that your personal space is filled with your favorite fragrance without having to contend with the worry of that comes with the use of an open flame or even a candle.

Even though many people think that it is difficult to use, it is not that difficult as thought, all you need to do is open it, and pop in the reed sticks and there you are, your room will be filled with the fragrance that you desire in a short while. And if you have fallen short of scent you can Köp din doftpinne här to replenish your stock.

Below, we highlight some of the ways that you can use your reed diffuser with sticks to maximize your enjoyment.

Ensure the reed sticks are placed in the vessel

Regarding definition, we can define a reed diffuser as a liquid fragrance and combination of essential oils plus alcohol that are collected in a glass bottle. For the reed to work, reed sticks that are made from rattan, are put into the vessel, hence allowing the fragrance to diffuse through the pores of the sticks. The amount of fragrance that you will get is equally proportional to the number of reed sticks that you place into the glass. The more the sticks, the more the fragrance, while the less the sticks, the less the fragrance.

The number of sticks that you place into the vessel is determined by the preference and strength of the fragrance that you want.

Constantly flip the reed sticks

After you have ensured that the reed sticks are in the vessel, it is advisable that you ensure that you flip them after every one or two minutes. This will ensure maximum diffusion since you will allow the saturated ends to be exposed to the air why those that are dry are soaked in the liquid.

One is encouraged to continuously flip the reeds to the extent that they do not smell any fragrance anymore. Here now you can replace the reed sticks.

Be cautious

It is important that you exercise caution when you are flipping the reeds. This is so because you do not like what to splash the essential oils all over the place. To ensure this, it is advisable that you flip them over the sink or a waste paper basket.


When you are purchasing your reeds, it is important that you take their size into consideration. Ensure that their size equally matches that of your room. If your room is a big one, it is advisable that you go for reeds that have a bigger opening, but if yours is a small room, you are encouraged to go for reed diffusers of a smaller size.


For the best outcome or results, it is good if you place your reed diffusers on a coaster or a glass surface. This is important as it will prevent them from staining your tops or any other appliances that are in the house. Do not place them on wooden tops as essential oils are known to stain wood. Some other guidelines include using reed diffuser refill and keeping them away from the reach of children and pets.

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