Job List in the Fashion Industry

A successful career in fashion niche sounds lucrative and glamorous. Are you thinking about venturing into the fashion industry? Do you believe you have what it takes to manage it? There are several positions in the fashion industry. It is not a must you become a fashion designer, but you can become successful in other areas in the fashion world.

Making a living by doing what you enjoy doing is quite enjoyable. If you love seeing beautiful accessories, sketches, or accessories around you, then you should start a career in this field. The following are important roles in the fashion world from design, production, to marketing.


This is considered the best job in the fashion world. Designers are tasked with coming up with ideas and translating them into final products. They are employed by various companies or can work on their own. In fact, there are even freelance designers. These are the types of fashion designers:f23e5 fashion designer

Apparel designers

They are clothing designers. They can design lingerie, casual wear, sportswear for women, kids, and men.

Footwear designers

These professionals design footwear for kids, women, and men from a given style point of view and the foot-health perspective.

Accessory designers

These are broadly defined from handbags, eyewear, hat, scarves, jewelry pieces, and gloves.


This involves sampling of accessories and garments until production of final pieces that can be delivered to customers and shops. The massive work involves a lot of these professionals:


This professional plays an important role in producing fashion products. He or she buys raw materials, selects textiles, fabric, and trims. Also, they are tasked with making decisions on quality, pricing, and trends.

Technical designers

These professionals are tasked with carrying out fittings during sampling to production. They design the garment and improve it.


3ere3 fashion marketingMarketing is vital just like making the right piece of a fashion product. It does not matter whether you are marketing in a retail or wholesale side; professionals in this field are tasked with promoting fashion items in this changing world. Some of these professionals include showroom sales specialists, retail store managers, and fashion buyers.

Other fashion professionals

Other than production, fashion, or designing, you may be attracted by various jobs such as the writing of fashion, online blogs, personal stylists, and organizing fashion events. If you are interested in this field, it is time you grab the opportunity.